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hrrookies.com is a digital space to learn A-Z about HR like a pro.

If you are an HR Rookie looking to start a new HR Job or HR Business then you are in good hands with HR Rookies.

HR Rookies vocational certificate courses are framed to be shorter, Jargon free, Accessible through virtual devices & are focused on teaching specific HR skills with a hands-on approach and balanced coverage of theory, contemporary issues, & practical examples taken from Indian HR Industry. Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Training, Payroll, Statutory compliance(s), etc. are various modules designed in the form of various vocational certificate courses.
At HR Rookies we provide you vocational certificate courses to hone the skills you have and prepares you for immediate employment or business. So you can immediately apply what you’ve learned.



Hi my name is Rahul Muralidharan Nair the owner of HR ROOKIES from India.

I found hrrookies.com in the year 2020 on 27 June.

As an HR Rookie in the industry, I only had bookish knowledge and had no one in my department to help me learn the ropes. As I was supposed to start the HR department right from scratch, I got my neck deep in to it. Every day through my thorough research on HR processes & solving problems at work I learnt new things, which developed in me great insights of HR problems at different stages of the HR process and then one fine day I thought of sharing it with my industry to make it easier for them to deal with HR process independently.

So basically the idea of starting my own website came from my own struggles as an HR Rookie  and ended up creating HR Rookies because of being a fresher to get a job or start your own business, you need to stand out in the crowd and that is what HR Rookies help you do.



Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

Do more from the comforts of one’s own home through virtual computing devices like Laptops, Tablets, Mobile phones, etc.


Online Tests

After each module that you complete there will be test based on what you have learned.


Real Time Discussions

Real time discusions help you solve all the queries / doubts immediately hence alloing you to clearly understand each concepts.

Strong Group Building

we create social media group of students enrolling in the same batch we believe some times asking questions in a group where others are shying away to question also get the answer and also get to interact with each other and also generates sense of competition when they no who has cleared how many modules. 

Expert Tutors

we have expert lectures taken by expert tutors as we believe that one tutor might not poses all the expert-ism in a particular subject matter. Hence their will be back to back visiting tutor coming and teaching you specific subject matter 

Online & Offline Courses

we provide both offline and offline courses 
online is alive class and offline is the recording of the live class which you can go through and learn on the go.

Our Focus

Still developing

  • College Students Program
  • Company  Program
  • Online & Offline courses

Let’s Learn Together! 


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