All you need to know is Rome was not built in a day. As a Fresher in the HR field you will get all your guidance to be an HR professional from hr rookies, You just need to take your first step don’t focus on the last step. You need to be Patient, Focused, Consistent, Dedicated, and you will achieve your goal step by step taking the courses designed by hr rookies. As anyone who has ever achieved any success in life never knew S/He will get that success all they did is they worked towards their goal.

Slowly and gradually success will come to you, your skills will be honed just make sure to hold your horses and prepare your plan of action fix a goal each day and achieve your short term goals and very soon you will achieve the long term goals too. Little drops make the mighty ocean. Yes, you will have self doubts as you don’t know everything and that is absolutely nothing bad self-doubt is a good way to move up in life it is good to know that you don’t know everything in life and that keeps you grounded and you move towards betterment in life because people who tend to think they know everything in life tend to fall faster.